Arcus Primus 90

P2 / Z1 / A

Tehnilised andmed

Performance class P2
Redirection zone Z1
Süsteemi kõrgus 750 mm
Length 5 m

Arcus Primus 90 is the latest product in the Primus family of systems.

Arcus Primus 90 system is designed for use on local roads at road junctions and exits in places where there is a need to ensure the continuity of the construction of protective barriers.

In such places, in the event of an accident, standard guardrail systems will not work properly due to the angle of impact of the vehicle. Arcus Primus 90 was designed as a solution to this particular problem associated with the use of guardrails at the intersections.

Arcus Primus 90 system has a symmetrical structure, consisting of three elements, each of which has its own deformation zone. Connecting the Arcus Primus 90 system to existing guardrials is easy and does not require additional transition elements.

The system has successfully passed tests in accordance with EN 1317 for a speed of 80 km / h, which, in relation to local roads, ensures the required performance and the necessary level of safety.

The low system design (75 cm) does not limit visibility at the intersections with local roads.
The system maintenance costs are reduced due to the modular design. After collision only the damaged segment is replaced, which reduces the cost of materials and labor.
The system can be installed on a slope.