BOS Primus 2a

N2 / W4 / A

Tehnilised andmed

Ohjeldamise tase N2
Töölaiuse klass W4
Süsteemi kõrgus 680 mm
Süsteemi laius 1100 mm
Paigalduse tingimused Posti paigaldus pinnases

Allalaadimise keskkond

Primus 2a provides protection against single obstacles such as trees, bridge supports and posts.

It consists of two compact, symmetrical, interconnected elements, each of which has its own deformation zone. Its modular design is easy to adapt to local conditions.

The Primus system allows to avoid the so-called tunnel effect. It enables access to local roads and does not interfere with the landscape and the environment.

Energy absorping elements and flexible deformation zones absorb the energy during collision and guide the car back onto the road. the passenger's cabin remains undamaged. Integrated cushioning zones act like a car bumper.

The system can easily be adapted to local conditions, e.g. slopes, uneven terrain, entries to local roads, individual trees or groups thereof.

It helps to protect the environment by avoiding the use of continuous road barriers that may prevent animals from crossing.

CE certificate: 0010-CDP-2009