Terminal Primus P2

P2 / Z1 / A

Tehnilised andmed

Performance class P2
Redirection zone Z1
Süsteemi kõrgus 650 mm
Length 8,22 m

Allalaadimise keskkond

Primus P2 can replace the initial or final sections of guardrails in areas where long barrier sections cannot be used or when this is not allowed. The system allows for breaks in installed guardrails sections.

Primus system avoids the so-called tunnel effect. It enables access to local roads and does not interferes with the landscape and the environment.

Energy absorbing elements and flexible deformation zones absorb energy during collision and guide the car back onto the road. Passaneger's cabin remains undamaged. Integrated cushioning zones act like a car bumper.

It replaces the required initial and end sections and prevents vehicles from rolling over the guardrials.
It is easy to connect to various guardrails systems. The system can easily be adapted to local conditions, e.g. slopes, uneven terrain, local road entries, individual trees or groups thereof.